Get Your Groove On: Join Our Free Trial Adult Hip-Hop Class!

In celebration of our grand opening, we have our adult hip hop class where students can come and try for free next Monday 1/31/22, and Wednesday 2/1/22. Beginners are welcomed to come work out and learn how to get your groove on.

Adult Hip Hop Free Trial

If you live in Temple City, or the nearby San Gabriel Valley, be sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity to try our hip hop program. Space is limited to 10 students per class, so sign up now before all spots are filled./p>

Our grand opening celebration is here!

PopRock grand opening

We have raffles, free trial classes, free refreshments and more! Be sure to check out all the awesome festivities we will have at our new Temple City, CA location. We are accepting new enrollments in our acting, dance and music programs. We can't wait to see you with us.

Learn more here at our grand opening celebration page

Grand opening programs

PopRock Soloists Take the Stage at Formosan Evangelical Church of Arcadia

On Sunday, June 10th 2018, PopRock Academy hosted a solo recital at Formosan Evangelical Church of Arcadia. We were proud to see our PopRock students perform solos that they have practiced endlessly to perfect. Our teachers have not only taught our students how to master their solo pieces, but how to hold themselves confidently onstage. Since performing as a soloist is a very different feeling from performing in a group, it took a lot of courage and hard work for our students to get up on stage. From what our audience and staff saw at Sunday's recital, it is evident that PopRock students are ready to tackle any challenge!

It truly is never too late to start private lessons, and it never hurts to try something new. Whether it's singing, dancing, or acting you're interested in, we've got the right teacher for you. If you would like more information on our private training program, feel free to contact us and we will help you get set up with your first lesson!

Super Hero Summer Fest is a Blast at the PopRock Stage

The first annual Super Hero Summer Fest was a success! We had a jam-packed day filled with back-to-back events and performances at our PopRock Stage at the Renaissance Plaza in Alhambra. Our students took turns performing their popular acts from their group recital, gaining many cheers and applause from proud parents and other audience members. We also had one of our star students Thaies perform her cover song "Never Enough" from PopRock's solo recital earlier this month.

Along with our student performers, the PopRock Stage also featured several other highly-esteemed performers. Tom Kenny, the famed voice of Spongebob Squarepants, performed on stage with his band Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas. Another featured guest was Jason Paige, an American singer-songwriter who is known for singing the Pokémon television theme song. Aside from these awesome performances and guests, celebrity cosplayers and vendors also contributed to the roaring success of this event. We are confident that next year's Super Hero Summer Fest will be very anticipated and just as successful!

At PopRock Academy, we do our best to prepare you to perform your best stage. You could even be on the PopRock Stage next year! Send on over an info request by clicking here!

PopRockers take the stage to kick off our show.

PopRock Students Perform at A Noise Within Theatre in Pasadena

On Sunday, June 3rd 2018, PopRock Academy held a bi-annual summer group recital at A Noise Within Theatre located in Pasadena. This was the biggest recital that our school has ever held, with ticket sales skyrocketing over two hundred and our program filling up with twenty-eight acts. Over eighty of our dedicated students participated in this performance! Wow! We are so proud of our students for their hard work.

One by one, our acts took turns taking the stage to show our audience of proud parents what they have been rehearsing in class. Our PopRockers and Hip Hop Dance Crew started off the show with “The Greatest Show” from the Golden Globe award-winning movie “The Greatest Showman." This amazing performance set the tone for a very exciting and anticipated atmosphere for the rest of the show, which has raised the bar for our future performances and recitals. Great job, performers!

You can watch the full live stream on our official YouTube channel.

Interested in performing at our next group recital? Want to see what it's like to work in a performance troupe? Find out more info about our group classes by sending us an info request here!