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"Paul Kwo is the best voice coach I've ever had the privilege of working with. He is not just one of those teachers who tell you whether you're flat or sharp. He actually takes the time to work on every single note and every single word to perfect the song to the best of your ability. Not only does he work on the technical side of songs but he also works on the emotional side of songs which not many teachers do. He puts his heart and soul into every lesson bringing out the best in each student. He has an incredible passion for what he does and I can honestly say I would not have the skills, opportunities, or confidence I have today without Paul."

Amelia L. - Teenage Voice Student

"I have two girls ages nine and eight taking piano lessons from Paul for about one year. I have seen improvements in their ability to read sheets music and play them. The children are also assigned homework to create their own music. Paul adjusts his teaching based on the skill level of each children so that it is not above their head nor too simple for them. Paul continuously challenge them to do better. I trust Paul as my children's piano instructor."

Benny L. - Father of 2 Young Piano Students

"PopRock ROCKS!! I have been taking piano lesson from Paul for over 5 years. He's an awesome teacher. He's really good at making you good. Paul's high standard pushes you to a new level!"

Christina C. - Adult Piano Student

"I love the personal attention Paul gave to me and everyone in my group. He is someone who truly enjoys teaching and worked patiently with me in achieving my music goals."

Ko Y. - Adult Voice Student

"Paul has vastly guided my vocal abilities upwards and broaden my understanding of vocal interpretation to the level that has made me much more confident and comfortable to joyously sing. His musical guidance has also been extremely valuable to improving my flute playing. I am discovering a more personal-spiritual joy in expressing my musical talents with Paul as a music director of a group and as a private teacher."

Rhonda H. - Choir and Praise Band member of Culver-Palms United Methodist Church

"I've been singing since I was a kid. In high school and college, I was part of choirs and did solo performances. I had a lot of vocal training from different people but the minute Paul Kwo started teaching me, things made sense.

Paul tells you what you have to do and WHY you're doing them. For me, that's a great thing. Instead of doing scales just because you know you need to warm up, Paul explained to me why we're doing it and what they do to my voice and singing. He's also patient. He won't force you to do something that you're not yet ready to do. He can read you well and will tell you to take a break for a minute or two so that you won't strain your voice. He'll work with you and make sure that you know what you're doing and explain to you how you're doing it (when you finally get it right).

So if ever you're in need of lessons (singing, piano, dance etc), try PopRock. They'll help you get to where you want to be and maybe even a lot further!"

Mikey M. - Adult Voice Student

"Poprock Academy in my opinion is like a second home. The lobby is very comforting and the people are very welcoming. I'm a voice, acting, and dance student and i can say that i believe that i have improved a lot.

My voice teacher is Paul Kwo. I've known him for a while now, but didn't really start studying with him until this summer. In my opinion, he's a very good teacher. He pushes you to do your best and is always very motivating. He has helped me develop my voice with various exercises. He has taught me so many things regarding my voice. I feel that i'm much more comfortable now when singing and this has really helped me overcome my stage fright.

My dance teacher, to be specific Hip Hop teacher is Alyssa Alden. I have taken Hip Hop in the past but this is nothing like it. Her style is simply unique like herself and i honestly learn a lot of technique and also different ways to dance. Her unique style has helped me become a better dancer and has helped me become more flexible.

My acting teacher is Elbert Traister. I wasn't comfortable with acting before. I never took acting lesson but he is a very excellent teacher. He helped me be more comfortable with myself. He really helped cultivate my talent and my ability to express myself. This acting lesson made me realize what i want to be and i love acting so much that i want to pursue it.

In general, i love this place, not only does it feel like home to me, but the welcoming aura from the people has made me love this place. Not to mention that it is all very reasonably priced. I love poprock and i know i always will."

Eugenia S. - Acting, Dance and Voice Student

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