Helpful Policies & Guidelines

We welcome students of all levels to join. You don't need to be pursuing a professional career in the arts, but we will teach you the same material so that you can learn the same skillsets.


Students can register anytime during the year. However, depending on program, some of our group classes will not accept new students 1 to 2 terms prior to a recital. Students signing up for those classes will automatically start the week after recital.


  • Tuition is set. We do not discount from our established pricing.
  • Tuition is paid on the 18th of the month for the subsequent term. All payment are charged on automatic payment via ACH. A 3% surcharge will be applied for charges to credit and debit cards.


  • Students are expected to arrive at their classes and lessons on time.
  • Lessons and classes start and end at scheduled time and is not based on student's arrival time.
  • Student who are more than 15 minutes late to class may not be allowed to participate in class and may only observe.

Make Up

Group Class
Students can make up any missed group class within the first three months of their absence in any class of the same duration, and is age and level appropriate.

Private lessons
There is no private reschedule for any of our private lessons. Acting and dance students can take any group class that is age and level appropriate for their missed lesson. Music students are automatically enrolled in an ensemble throughout the year in lieu of any make up. Student who chooses not to attend their ensemble classes cannot make up their missed private lessons.

Materials and equipments

It is the student's responsibility to bring their instruments (except piano and drums), books and other related material to class. Students who do not bring proper material may result in delayed lesson start for instructor to locate alternative material for student usage. We cannot guarantee any material to be provided. We will not make up any delays caused by this.


Aside from our basic dress code, certain classes have specific attires that must be followed. Dance classes must be in proper dance attire and shoes in order for student to participate. Any student who arrives without proper attire will not be allowed to participate in class and may only observe.


If a student is sick, it is required that they stay home or request a virtual lesson (subject to availability). We do not reschedule lessons for any reasons at all unless if our academy is unable to provide an instructor at the assigned time.

Choice of instructors

PopRock Academy is an equal opportunity employer. All our instructors are professionally trained to teach students of all race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. Any request of teachers based on protected class may violate California and US labor laws and we will not be able to provide these selections.

Substitute Instructors

Substitute teachers are an essential aspect of learning performing arts. It is critical for all students to occasionally study with other instructors to hear differing opinions and thoughts on their performance.

Additional notes:

  • All our programs are for education and instructional purposes only. No guarantee of employment is made.
  • Additional rules and regulations may apply, please contact front office for details.