PopRock Academy Recital Short Films

Master Your Audition for TV, Film, and Voice-Over

General Information

Being a good actor is just the beginning. In order to book a job, actors must be good at auditioning. PopRock Academy offer audition coaching and self taping services to help our students book the job.

Previous Bookings

Our students have booked jobs for various shows and companies: Squid Game, Jane the Virgin, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Netflix, Toyota, Verizon, American Girl, Buzzfeed, Walmart, ABC Mouse, and many more.

On Camera or Voice Over Audition Coaching

We provide both on camera and voice over audition coaching services to actors of all ages.
We provide both in person and zoom audition coaching sessions.

Minimum required time for coaching only

Co-star per scene (under 5 lines): 15 minutes
Guest star or above per scene: 30 minutes

Minimum required time for self-tape

Co-star per scene (under 5 lines): 30 minutes
Guest star or above per scene: 45 minutes


For fastest booking time, please call us to schedule your session as soon as you receive an audition notice.

Once you have scheduled a session with us, we will provide you with instructions on how to email us your audition sides and any other related information.

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as cash for audition coaching. A 3% fee is charged for credit or debit card transaction. ACH payment accepted for enrolled students without additional surcharge.

Self Tape

Self tape is now an essential part of the actors business. New actors are highly encouraged to sign up for a self-tape session for their first few auditions until they get the hang of how to do the audition. For experienced actors, we recommend self-tapes for bigger projects so you can get feedback and coaching, and can focus on the audition and not worry about the technical aspects of filming your own audition. We offer self tape services based on the availability of our schedule. We have professional on camera and voice over audition equipment at our studio.

Self tape fee is charged if an audition is filmed on our premise. Editing includes only the specific directions from casting including name card. Fee does not include any retouching, CGI, color correction, audio filtering or any other post production enhancements.