Super Hero Summer Fest is a Blast at the PopRock Stage
The first annual Super Hero Summer Fest was a success! We had a jam-packed day filled with back-to-back events and performances at our PopRock Stage at the Renaissance Plaza in Alhambra. Our students took turns performing their popular acts from their group recital, gaining many cheers and applause from proud parents and other audience members. We also had one of our star students Thaies perform her cover song "Never Enough" from PopRock's solo recital earlier this month.

Along with our student performers, the PopRock Stage also featured several other highly-esteemed performers. Tom Kenny, the famed voice of Spongebob Squarepants, performed on stage with his band Tom Kenny & The Hi-Seas. Another featured guest was Jason Paige, an American singer-songwriter who is known for singing the Pokémon television theme song. Aside from these awesome performances and guests, celebrity cosplayers and vendors also contributed to the roaring success of this event. We are confident that next year's Super Hero Summer Fest will be very anticipated and just as successful!

At PopRock Academy, we do our best to prepare you to perform your best stage. You could even be on the PopRock Stage next year! Send on over an info request by clicking here!