Alhambra Performing Arts Summer CampWelcome to Alhambra's best summer camp program for children. PopRock Summer Camp in Alhambra offers kids from age 8 to 14 the opportunity to learn singing, dancing, acting and more in a fun filled, exciting atmosphere. Students will learn from professional performers techniques in singing, hip hop and jazz dance, and on stage and on camera acting.

Our summer camp has helped hundreds of kids in the Los Angeles area to build confidence while learning how to perform. Our singing class will teach students fundamental singing techniques as well as on stage performance techniques. Our acting class will teach students how to act both on stage and in front of a camera. Our dance class will teach students either Hip Hop or Jazz dance techniques depending on the week. Students will also get the chance to be a part of our signature Triple Threat Glee Workshop program. Students will learn how to put the three skills together into 1 performance. Students will learn performance techniques in a short contemporary musical theater style scene and number. Each week, students will also have a special class only available for the week such as Rock Band, Musical Theater Workshop, Pop Workshop, Break Dance etc.

Don't hesitate and give us a call now. Space is limited and we are on a first come; first served basis. Call us early for savings at 626.282.ROCK[7625] or contact us here. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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San Gabriel Dance SchoolWelcome to San Gabriel's favorite dance school. We offer the best performance program in all of San Gabriel. We are thrilled to be here serving the local community with dance classes in different styles and genres. We offer Hip Hop, Jazz, Break, Kpop and more at our academy.

Our school focuses on performance and nurturing the joy of dance in our students. We believe in helping students develop a genuine love for the art of dance, and be a lifelong dancer. We want our students to keep the desire to dance even long after they leave the school.

Our Hip Hop dance program is well established and offer students starting at the age of 3 group classes to learn techniques. We also incorporate Hip Hop dance movements into our triple threat program Glee Workshop and our advance performance group, the PopRockers. Students will learn with experienced dance teachers foundational techniques and develop and grow as dancers.

We also offer a Jazz dance program for students so that they can all become well rounded dancers. We want all our students to be great dancers who can do multiple types of dance. We encourage all our students to try out different dances to gain a greater understanding of dance.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at 626.282.7625 or contact us here for more information or to sign up.

Monterey Park Acting SchoolWelcome to PopRock Academy, Monterey Park's top performing arts program. We offer a dedicated Acting program for the local residents of Monterey Park. We are bringing professional Hollywood style acting program to the city of Monterey Park. We are only a few minutes away from the heart of Monterey Park, so you don't have to sit in extensive traffic on the other side of town to get professional acting classes and coaching.

Kids & Youth

We have a specialty acting program designed for kids and youth ages 8 to 17. Our program includes a fundamental acting program for kids with no prior training to develop basic acting skills. Students will learn through acting exercises and improv games to establish basic understanding of character and scene work. Students will work with their instructors using acting material from classic theater as well as contemporary film and TV material to develop their skills. Students will also have the opportunity to perform at our 2 annual recitals to showcase their ability and hone their performance skills.

Experienced students can join in our Acting on Camera program designed to help students understand the technical demands of acting for camera. Students will learn how to prepare for an audition for camera for Hollywood projects from industry professionals. Our instructors are all experienced in on camera acting and bring their industry knowledge to our students.


We offer a specific Acting on Camera program for adults. Our instructors work with each students to fine tune their auditioning skills for camera while working on their interpretation skills. All our instructors are professional actors with many years of industry experience to share with their students.

We also offer private audition coaching for students who wants to get coaching for specific auditions they are working. Our times are flexible so just contact our office when you need a private coaching to schedule one.

Sign up today by calling us at 626-282-ROCK[7625] or contact us here!

San Gabriel Acting SchoolWe are honored and proud to have the best acting program in San Gabriel, having served the residents of this great city. Our program founder Paul Kwo has been a long time resident of San Gabriel and grew up in the city and attended Gabrielino High School. Since his graduation, he has become a professional Hollywood actor and musician, working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. He created the program here at PopRock Academy to provide students legitimate training as well as reliable information about how the industry work.

Our acting program includes a fundamental acting program for students ages 8 to 14 to begin their journey. Students will work with the instructor along with other students to develop their acting technique through acting exercises, improv and theater games, monologue and scene works. Students will have the opportunity to perform at our 2 annual recitals each year. The class will teach them acting techniques that can eventually be honed in for either on stage acting or on camera acting. Students can also join our Glee Workshop that combines acting with singing and dancing. Students will get a chance to perform on stage at our 2 annual recitals in a musical theater format.

Younger students ages 3 to 7 can get their feet wet in our Disney Musical class that includes a little bit of acting games and exercises. Students will get a chance to perform to a Disney song and act out some of the stories throughout the year in this combo class.

Older students can join in our acting on camera classes, designed to help students learn acting techniques specifically geared towards camera work. Students will learn the way Hollywood actors act for TV, Film and other on camera mediums. Students will work with teachers each week with their individual scenes in an audition format. Students will get feedback by professional acting instructors on their performances and be able to fine tune their performances.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or sign up for classes, call our office at 626-282-7625 or contact us here.

Temple City Dance SchoolWelcome to PopRock Academy! We are a complete performing arts school, servicing the city of Temple City and the surrounding areas. We are only a short drive for the residents of this beautiful city where students can receive top notch, Hollywood style training in Dance and more.

Our dance program includes Hip Hop and Jazz dancing. We also have classes in Break dance (Bboy) and the biggest Kpop dance program in the San Gabriel Valley. Our program starts as young as 3 years old with a Hip Hop based Dance Movement class. We also offer the only one of its kind music theater program in our Disney Musical and Glee program.

Our Hip Hop program is designed to help students learn to dance to the hottest music of today. Our instructors are here to teach our students their unique styles of dance. We have multiple instructors so students can learn from different teachers and get different perspectives. We also have 2 recitals a year for our students to perform in on a professional stage.

Our Jazz dance program is geared for students who wants to learn professional technique while still having fun. We are a performance focused school and wants our students to enjoy the art of dance for the rest of their lives. We provide a nurturing environment for our students to grow.

Our Kpop dance program is the biggest in the valley. We offer multiple sessions throughout the week where students can dance to their favorite Kpop songs. Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their Kpop skills at our 2 annual recitals each year.

Our Disney Musical program is the only one of its kind in the Temple City area. We offer students ages 3 to 7 the opportunity to learn singing, dancing and acting to Disney songs. Each week students come to class and learn new songs and dance to their favorite Disney numbers. Our students will also get the opportunity perform for everyone on a large professional stage at our 2 annual recitals. Our Glee program is for students 8 to 14, where they learn singing, dancing and acting to contemporary pop songs. They will act out a short scene and do a singing and dance routine at each of our 2 annual recitals.

We also offer private coaching sessions as well as audition coaching for students who wants more individual attention.

So come by our office and check it out. If you would like to register for classes, you can call us at 626.282.ROCK[7625] or contact us here and we will help you get signed up to our classes.