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It’s a big step to buy your first microphone and winter is a great time to invest. Southern California is wet this year and the flu is everywhere. With a microphone of your own there’s no more sharing germs with others. But there are a ton of different microphones on the market and they all pick up sound in a different way. How do you choose?

If you are considering purchasing a mic for yourself, it’s best to test the product before purchase. Some are better for bass tones and others for treble. And just because a microphone is expensive that doesn’t mean it’s the best. So here are a few tips before you head out the door to your local music store.

First, do the research! Know if you are getting a microphone that is made for recording in a studio (Condenser) or performing live on stage (Dynamic).

Secondly, know your voice TYPE. Soprano, alto, tenor, bass….these are important words to know. What are you?

Go into the store to sing and/or play into it. Become familiar with it before spending that money.

If you are looking at a microphone for an instrument make sure you get a stand for it. It’s awfully hard to hold a microphone and play the guitar at the same time.

Now that you have your microphone, guard it with your life! Singers, please just remember to hold microphone correctly! It is not ice cream cone, so don’t treat it like one.

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