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Hip Hop Dance

The world of hip hop is huge and ever evolving. So we seek out awesome dancers and bring them to our school to help our students grow. We want our students to be exposed to various styles of hip hop from different teachers with different backgrounds. All our teachers have professional work experience and brings something unique to the table.


Our Hip Hop program is a technique based program where students will learn fundamental dance techniques as a part of their regular hip hop classes. Students will also work with different teachers in the program to receive a wide variety of hip hop dance styles. Our students will also perform at various dance events as well as with our other programs.


Any student may join our beginning hip hop program. Advance students could audition or be placed into a higher level class. All students are required to take 2 hip hop classes a week. Beginning students may take an exploratory program as their second class. However student must enroll in two hip hop classes in order to advance into higher level classes.

Hip-Hop 1

This is a high energy class that enhances stamina and introduces basic hip-hop elements such as the latest isolations and footwork techniques. The class will consists of stretching, strengthening, and across the floor progressions. Class will conclude with choreography to a song each week. Students should wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Please check our studio policy for detailed information. No prior experience required.

Hip Hop 2 and 3

All students must start at Hip Hop 1 and be moved up to higher level classes, or they may pay for a placement audition to directly enter into a higher level class. Student in higher level classes will learn advance techniques and more complex choreography.

Speciality Street Dance

From time to time, PopRock Academy offers specialty street dance classes. Students are required to enroll in our hip hop program in order to enroll in these niche hip hop style classes such as Kpop, Break and others. Fundamentals in Hip Hop technique is important in order for students to excel in these other street dance styles.


All our dance students participates in our two masterclasses each year to showcase their work in progress with other students and instructors in a fun and supportive environment.

Large Recitals

Students all have the opportunity to participate twice each year in our large recitals on a professional stage. Students can invite friends and families to attend and watch their final performance each semester.

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