General Information

On camera acting skills is an absolutely critical skill for any student interested in pursuing an acting career in Hollywood. It also benefits anyone who wants to have a better understanding of their performance on camera whether it's in an interview or other format. Our program is taught by actors who have extensive on camera experience and will help our students understand the medium and succeed in their performance.

Our On Camera Acting program welcomes students of all levels. Students with previous acting training in theater will learn how to adjust their existing techniques for camera. Our curriculum is developed by Paul Kwo and is known for his role of Martin Yip in the blockbuster franchise "God's Not Dead" and has extensive credits such as Shang Chi, Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, Fresh Off The Boat, Scrubs, Mummy 3, News of the World and many more. Our program will give students all the necessary tools to audition for camera with confidence and precision.


Students must enroll in at least 2 classes in our acting conservatory. Student who are in our acting on camera class should be enrolled in a general training class as well.


Students will work with current material from Hollywood TV and film auditions. Students will learn the different acting requirements for the different types of shows and films that they could go into an audition for. They will get a chance to develop their acting skills to make strong choices that are suitable for the material they are given.

Industry Showcases

All students will participate in our quarterly industry showcase. Showcase is attended by working Hollywood professionals such as actors, directors, producers, writers, casting directors and others. Students will receive feedback from our industry friends at each showcase.

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