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Best Singing Lessons in South Pasadena, CA

By Paul Kwo

I am often fascinated by so many parents and their reasoning for sending their child to piano lessons. Having been a piano teacher for a huge part of my life, I am thankful for their notion of how music lessons are beneficial for a child's development. Having music theory and piano skills can be enjoyable for a person once they have struggled through ten plus years of lessons. According to many research articles, music lessons can help a child in other school subject matters etc. But what boggles my mind is why parents do not send their child to voice lessons with the same ferocity.

So many parents think voice lessons are only for children who wants to become singers. But oddly that same notion doesn't apply to piano lessons. But if we just pull back a little and think about voice lessons, a different picture emerge. Voice training is possibly the most practical training a student can partake in.

Not counting our attempts to impress our bosses and co-workers during post-work karaoke sessions, in nearly every work field an adult enters, he or she will have to be using their voices. From board presentations to making a sale to clients, our voices are our most valuable tool in accomplish our work. Good voice lessons can certainly have a positive effect in all such endeavors.

1. Voice lessons improves voice textures.

Ever made fun of a co-worker with a thin and nagging voice? The unfortunate reality of the world is human beings are affect by superficiality. Aside from the way we dress and the way we carry ourselves visually, we are affect by what we hear and what we smell. A more pleasant voice certainly will carry more weight when it comes to trying to sell yourself, your skills or your products to any potential employer or clients. This texture certain can be improved with proper voice training. You do not need to be a professional singer to benefit from a thicker and more present voice.

2. Voice lessons improves stamina.

Keeping a healthy voice that can help carry you through long presentations is just another simple reason to train your voice. We all know not to walk into a presentation physically tired. The same is true of the voice. Going into a presentation in front of a board of trustee with a voice that sounds like you've been screaming on a roller coaster the day before doesn't abode well with confidence in you and your project.

3. Voice lessons improves projection.

A resonance voice rings deep in us. It puts confidence in the listener that you have something important and good to offer. We don't pay attention to a mouse squeaking, but we certainly will honor a lion's roar. Take command of the room with your voice with resonance. Don't confuse resonance with yelling. They are not the same. Yelling is tiring to both the yeller and the listener. Resonance penetrates into our hearts and souls.

3. Voice lessons helps improv diction and control.

A good vocal coach will certain work on diction and control of your voice in terms of placement. Both of which are essential towards control over accents and other elements of speech. Certainly if your goal is purely accent reduction, there are specialists who you can turn to. But having a solid voice background will certainly help your ability to master accents. It is all about control.

4. Voice lessons build confidence.

One of the greatest fear Americans have is public speaking. Nothing scares us more than to put ourselves in public scrutiny. A good voice studio will give students opportunities to perform in safe environments that will build confidence in students as they grow. Voice lessons can also help a student be much more in touch with their own voice and have a better perspective of their own ability, giving them a more positive experience as they perform in front of the public.

5. Voice lessons promotes vocal health.

The vocal chords are delicate instruments that we need to take good care of. They cannot be replaced. Any damaged done to them can potential last a lifetime. Having the ability to know where one's voice is certainly will increase the longevity of your voice.

6. Voice lessons improves literacy and literature interpretation.

A good voice teacher would dive into the interpretation of words in a song and help students relate to poetry in the form of lyrics. Students not only simply read the words, but they have to bring words to life through their own voices, personally relating to the message a song presents.

7. Voice lessons improves human understanding.

Songs are written by people from all walks of live and voice lessons provides students a deepened understanding of the world through the eyes of artists.

Voice lessons are simply not just for aspiring singers. Students from all walks of life can reap the benefits of voice lessons and take with them to any work they do in the future. We spend thousands of dollars on leisure classes simply for our own enjoyment. But we neglect improving the one part of our body that we use on a daily basis that can make a direct difference in our daily personal and work lives. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how voice training can benefit most people who has the ability to use their voices.

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