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Best Guitar Lessons in South Pasadena, CA

By Paul Kwo

For me, a school is more than just a place to learn to sing, or dance or play and instrument or act. It is more than just coming in for an hour a week or whatever the length of time for a class or a lesson. It is not just a place where I try to get in as quickly as possible and leave as quickly as possible. I believe a school should be a community. Remember that old saying “it takes a village.” It certainly takes a village to educate our next generation. But too often we simply reduce education into a system. Schools are reduced to numbers and grade. Training is reduced to a curriculum.

Certainly all the above has a place in education, but our mind is far more complex than letters and numbers that can be fully trained with a set curriculum. It requires a village of people to stimulate us, and to inspire us to learn and grow.

I founded PopRock Academy on the principles of bringing together a community of people here, in Alhambra, in San Marino, San Gabriel, and in South Pasadena, and Monterey Park plus Arcadia and beyond, so that we can nurture new artists whatever their age or background. We wanted to create a school that is warm and inviting, like a home to gather together and share knowledge and wisdom. It is a place to community and a place to share our individual visions. It isn't enough just to have the best teaching staff around, but we have to provide our staff and students an environment that is conducive towards their growth. We want both our staff and our students to grow. We want a positive, friendly and inspiring atmosphere so that all our students can reach their full potential.

So trust that place that feels good and friendly when it comes to finding that school you want to enroll in. If you don't feel excited and inspired by the location, then that's not the place for you to be. Art needs inspiration and part of that inspiration is the community that we surround ourselves with.

Our school PopRock Academy is in the heart of San Gabriel Valley in downtown Alhambra on 2nd street next to Alhambra High School. We are south of San Marino and South Pasadena, west of San Gabriel, Temple City and Arcadia, north of Monterey Park and Rosemead. We are also close to El Monte, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Montebello, Monorovia, Altadena in the greater Los Angeles area.

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