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Now that it is almost back-to-school season, there are a lot of things to think about as everyone prepares to transition into the Fall season. We all know that you can choose to improve yourself at any given time, but this is also an opportune moment to do so. Even though it is not the start of a brand new year, it is technically the beginning of a new school year. So, rather than calling it a “New Year's resolution," we'll call this a “new school year resolution." I believe that this will serve as a great reminder for parents and students alike.

Out of all of the things you can choose to work on for yourself, do not forget the importance of enjoying what you are doing. We can all get so caught up in the process of trying to perfect our task that we act robotically. However, it is so important that nobody forgets how to find enjoyment in what they are doing. So, enjoy the process and give yourself a break when you need it!

There is a time and place for everything. There is a time to be silent, and a time to sing. There is a time to listen, and a time to express yourself freely. Whenever anyone walks through the doors of PopRock Academy, we want you to know that this is the place where you can completely let go and have fun! Who cares if your voice cracks when you're singing, or if you hit an ugly note? Who cares of you dance like a goofball, or if you forget the next line in your script? PopRock is the place to make mistakes all you want. After all, you are here to learn and we are here to help you. As long as you are having fun and enjoying the process of bettering yourself as an actor, musician, or dancer, we consider it a job well done!

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Article written by Casey Y.

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