Disney Musical Class in Alhambra

Our Disney Musicals class is designed for young students ages 3 to 7 to experience singing, dancing and acting in a combined setting. Students will get the opportunity to sing popular Disney songs and learn choreography that goes along with the music. They will also act out scenes that goes along with the song and dance.

Our Disney Musical class is designed to teach students comprehension of the story and song material in a fun and interactive manner. Students will make art props to help bring their characters to life from the words on the page.

Students will also get the opportunity to showcase their talents at our two annual recitals as well as other performance opportunities.

We also offer a special Disney Musical for Adults where parents have the opportunity to do this themselves, as well as a chance to perform together with their child on stage. When parents are engaged in the process, their children watches and are even more excited to see their parents in action.

This is a fantastic and unique class that is only offered here at PopRock Academy Alhambra in the San Gabriel Valley and Pasadena area.

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*We are not affiliated with Disney. Disney Musical is a class dedicated to the teaching of material from the Disney catalogue.