San Marino Dance School - Dance Classes in Hip Hop, Jazz, Kpop, Break Dance, Ballet, Disney Musical, Musical Theater, Glee and more We are proud to be providing fun-filled and professional dance classes to students living in the city of San Marino. Our students start at the young age of 3 and grows with us over the years in various styles of dance. We have popular dance programs in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Break Dance, Kpop, Musical Theater, Disney Musical, Glee and more.

Our students also get the opportunity to perform at a professional venue twice a year to gain experience in dancing. We are a professional dance studio with qualified working dancer teaching our classes. We challenge our students to excel while providing a fun space for them to learn the art of Dance. We want all our students from the city of San Marino to learn and love dance for the rest of their lives!

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