The following are our general expectations from our students aside from our studio procedure policies that is provided to every student at the time of registration. If you require an additional copy of the procedures, please come into our office to pick up a hard copy. We do not email our procedures. If any of the following are breached, PopRock Academy has the right to terminate the service to the client temporarily or permanently.

1. No weapons or firearms of any kind.
2. No drugs. (Prescription medication allowed if accompanied by doctor's.)
3. Students are expected to come to lesson and/or class with a positive learning attitude. Students must give their instructors, all our staff members as well as each other their utmost respect.
4. No food or drinks in any classroom. Only water in a secured bottle is allowed.
5. Clothing: No dirty street shoes are allowed on the dance floor. No inappropriate clothing (No gang related clothing. No extremely short shorts. No bare midriff).
6. Students are responsible for repairs of anything they damage.
7. Absolutely no smoking allowed. Pets are not allowed because of possible allergies students have as we have many vocalist training at our institution. We also reserve the right to refuse a student's attendance if an excessive amount of perfume, cologne or other scent is used and is having an adverse effect on other students, faculty or staff.

1. No swearing, bullying or physical violence of any kind.
2. No sharing of music with explicit content to minors.
3. No running in the classrooms.
4. Any recording of lesson or class are subject to approval by the instructor.
5. Please keep your voice at a low level while on the premise of the studio.

1. Students are responsible for all the physical property at PopRock Academy. If a student damages any property belonging to PopRock Academy and/or our affiliates, students or parents/legal guardians of students under the age of 18 are fully responsible for the cost of the damage.
2. We understand that from time to time there may be issues a student may have with their instructor. If it's something that doesn't seem to be able to resolve itself, we ask that students (or their parents) to resolve these issues through notifying our office privately rather than confronting the instructors directly. We also ask the instructors to do the same to avoid any potential miscommunication. This is to ensure that we prevent creating a hostile teaching environment that would be detrimental to the student's education.
3. Indemnification: Student agree to hold Poprock Academy Inc. harmless of all claims, losses, expenses that may be accessed to Poprock Academy Inc. that is a result from the act of all non-Poprock Academy staff and faculty.
4. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We reserve the right to change this policy.

1. PopRock Academy offers classes, lessons and workshops only. We are a training facility. All classes and lessons offered are for training purposes. We do not guarantee work of any kind in the performing arts.
2. The presences of any industry professionals are straightly for educational purposes only. No guarantee or implication of work is made.
3. Last updated January 30, 2014.