General Information

Stories is human. Our entire civilization revolves around storytelling. Whether it's businesses telling their stories to solicit customers, to job applicants telling their stories to gain employment, or even politicians constructing the perfect story to acquire voters, stories is life.

Class Offering

Creative Writing (ages 8 to 17)
PopRock Academy's Creative Writing class is about the art of crafting a compelling story and presenting it in a compelling manner. Our class focuses on the development of the idea and finding the heart of the story, and helping students develop their ideas and packaging them in the most effective manner. This is a great class that runs complimentary to English classes students take at their schools.


All students ages 8 to 17 is welcomed to start their writing journey in our story composition and presentation class.


Each week, students will learn to formulate a cohesive beginning, middle and end to illicit emotional responses from their audience. Students will bring back their new work each week and present it to the rest of the class to receive feedback from instructor on how to improve their story.


Each quarter, students will be able to present their stories at our various showcases and recitals to an audience in a verbal manner. Students will work on their presentation skills in class to tell their composed story.

Private Lessons

Advance students may take private lessons with our instructor to work on their specific creative writing projects on a weekly basis.