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General Information

Ballet Program

The fundamentals and value the wealth of knowledge in the Classical world is essential to our student's succeed. Our ballet program is designed to provide students all the techniques needed to be a grounded ballet dancer competitive to any other ballet studio in the world..


Students will learn classical ballet techniques that is used in Classical Ballet dance. Students will learn techniques and routines and perform at our annual recital.


Students are required to take 2 classes a week in our classical dance program. They can be a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary. Beginning ballet students may also take an exploratory class to fulfill this requirement. Transfer student may either start at level 1 class and wait for placement or pay for a placement audition to immediately be placed in an advance class.

Beginning Ballet

Ballet class provides the necessary groundwork for dancers to become versatile and strong technicians. This class will focus on teaching primary knowledge and understanding of classical ballet technique. Using a systematic approach to familiarize the dancers with principal terms, positions and behavior in ballet. Students must wear appropriate attire, including leotard, tights, ballet skirts or tutu's, and ballet shoes.


All ballet students will have the opportunity to invite their friends and family members each year to watch their performance at our annual recital.

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