South Pasadena Performing Arts Summer CampWelcome to PopRock Summer Camp program. Residents of South Pasadena can enjoy a comprehensive performing arts summer camp that's located within minutes drive from the heart of South Pasadena. Students can learn acting, dance and music in one location.


Students ages 8 to 14 can learn acting on camera and for stage at our fun and exciting summer camp program. Students will learn from industry working professionals the fundamentals of acting and the different techniques used for stage and for camera.


Our dance portion of the summer camp program will teach students fundamental dance techniques in either Jazz or Hip Hop depending on the week. Students will get to learn from professional dancers and choreography dance techniques and will learn a routine during the week to showcase at the end of the week in our weekly performance.


Students will get to learn pop and musical theater singing techniques in our music classes. Students will learn the basic techniques in singing, along with learning stage performance techniques to improve their stage presence.

Triple Threat Glee Workshop

Our summer camps for the South Pasadena area includes our signature performance class, Glee Workshop. Students will get to put their acting, dance and singing skills to use in this combo class. Students will learn storytelling and acting out a short scene with a song each week and perform at the end of the week at our weekly show.

Special Workshops

We also include a special class each week to teach students something different, such as songwriting, rock band, musical theater and other performing arts.

Weekly performance

Each week, students will get a chance to showcase what they have learned to their friends and family in our weekly performances. Students will get to put what they learned each week to practice in our mini-showcases in a local area venue.

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Sign up is easy. Simply call us at 626.282.ROCK[7625] or contact us here to sign up. Sign up early and you may qualify for our early bird discount. So don't miss out on this awesome deal.

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