Welcome to Second Sundays at PopRock!


Our Second Sundays series is a unique interactive music concert series where the audience has the power to influence the performance. Held at PopRock Studio in Alhambra on the Second Sundays of each month (except in June and in December where we will be at Steinway Gallery of Pasadena), we feature our students at the odd numbered months and our faculty on even numbered months. Our audience can talk to the performers hosted by a faculty member as we progress through the menu of musical numbers.

Be sure to check back here each month for our next performance.

Second Sundays Archive
February 2014

Twit us LIVE at: @PopRock_Academy or @paulkwo to join in the live conversation.

May 2014 Concert

May 2014 - Musical Menu

Featuring the vocal stylings of Paul Kwo and piano performances by Morgan Eiland

Hosted by Paul Kwo & Morgan Eiland

Be sure to start the April 2014 video around 8 minutes.

Second Sunday Musical Performance Series at PopRock Alhambra