Want to learn to play an instrument? Not sure what instrument you want to learn? The instrumental exploration class is designed to help people find an instrument they want to learn and be passionate about! This course offers exploration in the guitar, piano, drums, and bass! All instruments will be provided only during the class period.

In each term, students will explore different instruments so that they have a chance to explore and learn some fundamentals.
Odd Terms:
Week 1: Piano
Week 2: Guitar
Week 3: Bass
Week 4: Drums
Even Terms:
Week 1: Recorder (Woodwinds)
Week 2: Violin (Strings)
Week 3: Trumpet (Brass)
Week 4: Percussion

Students can repeat this class a few times to have fun and explore music in a renaissance way. When they are ready, they can pick the instrument they want to pursue and move into private lessons


Instrument Exploration is open to all students ages 6 to 12.

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