Best Popping and Locking Dance Class in alhambra

Popping and Locking at PopRock Academy AlhambraWe've all seen them on hit TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance. Pop & Lock and Freestyle are immensely popular dance styles today. They are styles that you can perform anywhere in the world without the need of a fancy dance stage.

PopRock Academy is proud to present one of the best Pop & Lock and Freestyle program around here at our studio for young aspiring students. 7 benefits for being in our Program:

1. Our teachers have performed with stars all around the world and have made it to the top 40 of hit shows like So You Think You Can Dance

2. Students will learn all the proper techniques to perform.

3. Students will get to be a part of a comprehensive dance program at our school.

4. Students will get to collaborate with other forms of dances at various performances.

5. We provide our students with plenty of performance opportunities to showcase their talents in front of audiences of all sizes and background around the area on an almost monthly basis.

6. We have a new and well maintained dance facility.

7. We have a wonderful staff to support our parents.

We welcome students of all backgrounds and levels to take Pop & Lock and Freestyle classes and private lessons with our internationally renowned popping and locking teachers. Our teachers have performed and taught internationally in Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium and here in the USA. They are well respected for their craft and have created wonderful curriculum for our students here to learn from.