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About PopRock Academy

1. Why are we here?
We want to create a generation of amazing artists and a community around that.

2. What is PopRock Academy?
PopRock Academy is a performing arts academy. We specialize in teaching students acting, dance and music. We have a unique integrated program that helps students bring together the various performing arts. We are results driven and we want to see every student shine.

3. Are your teachers are jack of all trades but master at none?
PopRock only hires the best and most qualified teachers to teach their speciality. All our teachers have collegiate or equivalent degrees. They are also all working artists in the areas in which they teach. So students not only get to study techniques and performance practice, but they will also receive valuable information about what the industry is like and how to break in. Most teachers at our studio only teach their one area of specialty. There are a few teachers who teaches a couple different subjects. But they only do so because they have received extensive training on a collegiate level as well as are working professionals in those areas.

4. Are there performances at PopRock Academy?
PopRock Academy is a performance focused studio. We at PopRock pride ourselves in the ample amount of performances we provide our students. In an average year, our students perform in over 30 official PopRock Academy events. This doesn't include other performance opportunities that we encourage our students to partake outside of PopRock at local talent showcases, open mic events etc. We believe the more a student performs, the better they will get.

5. I don't want to be a Rock Star or a Working Actor, Singer or Dancer, can I still come to PopRock?
Absolutely! We do not expect every one of our students to become a professional performer. Everyone has their own reason to take on the performing arts. We are here to provide our students with professional quality training so that they can become more confident in themselves to tackle on life and whatever that comes their way. Confidence is what we are most interested in teaching, as we believe this confidence is what will help every student to become more successful in anything they do in their lives. We want to be a part of that.

6. What area do we serve?
We serve the residents of Alhambra, San Marino, San Gabriel, South Pasadena, Arcadia, Monterey Park, Temple City, Rosemead, Sierra Madre, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Glendale, El Monte, Montebello, Monrovia, Altadena and the greater Los Angeles area.

About PopRock Star Acting Program

1. What is PopRock Acting Program
Our Acting program is built off of a combination of various acting methods including Meisner and Adler methods, as we believe there is value in both for different aspects in the life of an actor. Our program includes both stage and on camera training to prepare students to head to Hollywood and to Broadway.

2. What is a class like?
We have different classes each with their own structure based on the elements of the class. Most class has a maximum of 12 students. We try to keep our classes smaller to give students more chances to work and improv.

3. I don't want to be an actor, can I still take acting classes?
Absolutely. We don't require any of our students to become a professional actor. We offer acting training for all student as a form of self-improvement. Every student is expected to bring with them a positive attitude while they attend class. We want all our students to have a wonderful and satisfying professional experience while they attend PopRock.

About PopRock DPAC Dance Program

1. Why should I study dance at PopRock?
Our dance program is created by nominated professional dancer and choreographer Cassandra Daurden, owner of DPAC. Our program is also integrated directly into our other programs so that students will gain the maximum benefit when studying dance and other subjects with us. All our teachers are professional working dancers with years of experience performing and teaching. We love to perform and we love to teach.

2. What kind of dance programs does PopRock offer?
Our dance program includes Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. We also offer a special Triple Threat Glee Program that incorporates dance into the program along with singing and acting.

3. What's the youngest age you accept?
Our dance program currently starts as young as 5 years old.

4. Am I too old to dance?
Dance is a physical activity. As long as you are interested in moving your body and learning, we welcome you into our program. Whether your goal is to become a professional or just to enjoy dance, we will be more than happy to help you accomplish your goals.

About PopRock Kwo Music Program

1. There are a ton of music studios around, why should I choose PopRock?
We believe in all our students. We don't buy into the idea that only certain people are actually talented, while the rest just pays our bills. We actually genuinely believe that if a student has a heart for music, he or she can succeed. The sky is the limit. So we treat every student who comes through out studio with the utmost professionalism. We want to give each and every student the utmost positive experience they could receive.

2. Why doesn't PopRock provide group voice or instrumental classes?
We do offer specific workshops for voice and instrumental students. But we do not offer fundamental courses in these areas because we believe it can actually do more harm than benefits for students. More often than not, students end up with improper techniques after studying in a group class for months and even years at times. This is mainly because in a group class setting, a teacher does not have the time required to correct improper technical executions. Most improper techniques require constant readjustment until the student can finally readjust themselves. But in a group class that is simply not feasible or possible. Students then end up playing for the first few months, and sometimes for years in a group class only to develop bad habits that are infinitely harder to correct than if the student started properly.

3. What's the youngest age PopRock Accepts?
Every child is unique, and not every child is ready for music lessons at the same age. Our general rule of thumb is, a student is ready when he or she can sit through an entire lesson and able to focus on the material at hand. Young students will usually start at 30 minutes and eventually moved up to 45 minutes and to 1 hour upon teacher's discretion. Ultimately the goal is to reach the 1 hour lesson mark, as our lesson plans are designed for that length. This process can take anywhere between 1 month up to 1 year for most students, and up to 2 years for students under the age of 5.

4. What methods does PopRock use to teach Voice?
PopRock uses the "Kwo Vocal Method" in teaching our students voice. Paul Kwo has developed his own unique understanding of contemporary vocal pedagogy and has taught hundreds of students using this method with great results. It focuses on healthy voice production with an emphasis on placement combined with emotional attitudes. Learn more about "Kwo Vocal Method" here.

What methods does PopRock use to teach Instrumental Music?
For our instrumental program, PopRock uses different kinds of methods depending on the actual instruments. But overall we stress the importance of reading based on an intervallic approach as well as teaching various functional skills that will help students play a wide variety of music.

4. Do you offer 30 minutes and 45 minutes lessons?
For most students, our lessons are 1 hour long. Our curriculum is designed to be optimal that way. However we make some exceptions for certain types of students. Our younger students may take 30 minutes music lessons and 45 minutes lessons depending on age and experience level. But ultimately most students after 3 months to 1 year of lessons will move to 1 hour lessons. We do make exceptions for music therapy students who are taking music for special reasons.

About PopRock Triple Threat Glee Program

1. What is a Triple Threat?
A Triple Threat is an individual who is skilled in singing, dancing and acting and have professional training in all three areas.

2. What does PopRock offer for triple threaters?
We offer students a unique triple threat glee workshop where students can learn to put all three elements together in one performance.

About Summer Camps

1. What kinds of summer camps does PopRock offer?
We offer camps for singing, dancing and acting in our various camp. Check out our camp page to see what our current offerings are.